Saturday, July 1, 2017

Done. I think. Yes, done.

close up of center detail

Side detail

the entire piece
Because I am on Instagram and see other art daily, I have a list of people that I follow. Some I read their blogs, some both blogs and Facebook, a few only on Facebook, and almost all on Instagram. One of the artists I stumbled across is Gwen Lafleur. She is a designer for Stencil Girl Products, and her detailed stencils are unique and inspiring.  You can find her here.

Gwen recently did a journal cover that was beautiful. It was that post that inspired me to do this project. I started with an 8x8 inch regular canvas. I used the Tim Holtz small square stencil to apply molding paste around all four sides, leaving an empty square in the middle.

The circle is a brilliant idea I completely stole from Gwen. Go to the florist section at whatever big box store, and buy a MDF florist arrangement circle. I paid $1.49. Covered that with gesso, then took a  Gwen stencil from Stencil Girl, and applied molding paste around the circle. The stencil is a 6x6 inch, with a circle in the center that I did not use. I was totally after the 8 point star work that is encircled. Set all of that to the side to dry and cure.

Cheap water color paper can be used for so many projects. I cut out 8 layers with a die cut on the Cuttlebug. Put each on top of the other with white glue, and let them set overnight. Then applied molding paste thru another Gwen stencil. The painting of all of the various pieces was done in layers. Lots and lots of layers. I didn't want a heavy hand on this, but subtle shading. The very last step was shading with the Big Brush Pitt Pens. The center embellishment is out of the jewelry aisle at Hobby Lobby. The entire piece is glued with E6000, my go-to glue for anything heavy.

And there you have it. I'm keeping this one. I named it Antiquities from Hobby Lobby. Why yes, I am nuts.

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