Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Art Journaling

Watercolor, gelatos, stabilo all pencil, gesso, Neocolor II

Gel pens on black paint

I set the timer after doing a quick background with acrylic paint

Then added some new Tim Holtz stamps. Yep. Like that.
I have a board on Pinterest entitled "Faces", where I save other artists' work concerning the face. Found an interesting pin last week, where over half of the 3/4 profile was in shadow. Thinking this would be easy, I saved it, printed it out, and used it as a guide for the first photo above.

Not easy. Oh, so very difficult. It didn't fall into place until I left it overnight, walking away thinking the drawing was a disaster, then returning the next morning and viewing the page from across the room. Sometimes we are just too close to our work, ya know? I really wanted to try this because I have watched all of the Ashli Oliver videos on faces. She will intentionally white out the edges, add flowers, or just fade color to the edge of the page, and it is so effective. When I tried that, it just look unfinished.

Going to keep on trucking with this.

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