Sunday, July 9, 2017

Art journaling

This was about half way thru, after the 2nd layer of water colors

I forgot to stop and take more photos. Oh, well
I am pushing myself to try different techniques on faces. This is water color, Neocolor II crayons, and Prima water color pencils. The "cloud" is gesso, dabbed on in layers. After watching many Ashli Oliver videos, her methods are finally sinking in.  My goal is to do one of these a week, at least. I feel strongly that is the only way I will improve.

Saw the face on Pinterest and used it as inspiration. I had fun

Collage and paint, with stamping to get my mojo going
I am back in the groove. Have 3, count them, 3 new online classes to complete. To keep myself motivated, I am trying to journal every day.

Enjoy this weather, because we all know it will not last.

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