Saturday, July 8, 2017

Step away from the computer

Coffee filter flower

Tried to scrunch up the paper to make it fuller

The real deal that is right outside my studio window

So that was fun. I printed over 40 coffee filters on the gel plate yesterday morning, then sprayed them with Dylusions ink after they were dry from the printing. By late yesterday, the filters were dry enough to work into a flower. I think these would make great decorations for a party, baby shower, or wedding shower. Will have to remember the technique. The only drawback is that I could not find my florist wire, and you need that thin type of wire for the center. Imagine that. I can't find something in that room.

It's a running joke. Cathy has my Crop-a-Dile tool because she owns two and can't locate either one. If we ever have to move from our current homes, there will be "OH, THAT'S where that was!!!" heard for miles.

In the past 2 weeks I have taken the time to reorganize stacks of papers, pitch a ton of stuff once again, and rediscover exactly where I had stored old gel prints. I now have enough of them to make at least 3 more art journals. Thinking that is what I'll do in the next week. This is my way of kick starting the brain for the next project.
Enjoy your weekend.

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