Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Flowers

Clematis in Melissa's backyard


No idea what these are called, but love that color


My legs and feet, Dega washing them

Love this

Make a great abstract painting

Dega on top of the patio table. His favorite spot
Melissa needed someone to let the boy out yesterday, so of course I said yes. We had several moments together, just us. He kissed me a lot, and proceeded to "clean" my shoes with his tongue, then continue up both legs. Not satisfied that he had done a good job cleaning, he repeated the process. That boy has a BIG tongue.

Her backyard is so peaceful with shade and color, and privacy. I am jealous. I love where I live except for the backyard and the fact that it is open to 4 neighboring houses. No privacy. I have considered a privacy fence, except my land slopes down so if I was sitting on the deck, the neighbors could still see me. The chain link fence is here to stay until it falls apart. Or rusts. Then I might just leave it as an artistic statement....

Stay cool. The summer heat is here in full force.

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