Saturday, June 10, 2017

Chaos, or not

Dylusions large journal spread

Dylusions small journal spread

Homemade journal spread

18x24 water color paper

The above, reduced

Close-up of the drips that formed a grid that is just wonderful. To me!

18x24 water color paper, turned to portrait format
This is the reduced water color paper finished. My favorite so far

18x24 water color paper
Months ago I received an email from Jeanne Oliver, an artist that mostly teaches on the internet, about a new class that would start in April from Dina Wakley. I was being offered an early bird discount, and I love Dina and her work anyway, so here is my PayPal and sign me up. Done. Then the Jane Davies class started in real time, meaning for six weeks we did our assignments and had access to Jane, but that all ends this week. Back to Dina.

She started with basic mark making, which if you are going to do mixed media or abstract art, you need to know about mark making. We also started on smaller pieces of water color paper and our journals. I have a few journals (joke, people. MORE than a few). We then moved to laying a base coat of gesso in the journals, making random swipes of paint with our hands, fingers, a brush, the dog's tail, whatever you wanted to use. Creating chaos, not thinking about composition, just get some color down but try to leave some white space. The one rule was you should connect edges. Either side to side, or top to bottom, or both. The white space and connections will help you to control the chaos and pull the piece together in the end steps.

First of all, this is slightly addictive. It is free movement, not quite mindless at the beginning, just play. I'm sure I am not the only one who doesn't always turn the canvas/paper around. You will after this exercise. ALL of mine started in landscape position, and very few have stayed there.

Would I frame any of this and hang it on my wall? The favorite above with the teal circles coming from the right, you betcha! The last one will probably be cut up into 6 pieces for something we are doing at the end of class. That's alright. It is a learning experience.

If you are interested, go to Dina's blog (link on right side bar) and look for her Ordered Chaos class. I think the current price is $45or $48. But I have watched at least 10 videos and am no where near the end. Lots of information for that amount of money, and she truly is a wonderful teacher. Enjoy!

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