Friday, June 9, 2017

Really Random Thoughts

I have not taken any photos of the messes I am working on yet. Think that will happen today, so you can't see what a mess really is. Yet. But thought sharing the above would bring a smile to your faces.

I follow boopmynose on Instagram. I don't know this person or persons, but I like them. Good people. They post pics of dogs, cats, and sometimes more exotic animals from a wide angle nose perspective. The other day this little Chihuahua popped up and I took a screen shot off my phone to share with Cathy. Amos, the famous craft dog, has an overbite. Not quite as bad as this dog's, but yeah, it is there. I then sent this photo to Cathy/Amos (what? your pets don't text? Really?) and told him I found him a new friend. Cathy's reply, and I quote, was "what the hell is that?" and "No, thank you".

Yesterday my step daughter, who is a hairdresser, asked me to pick a hair color from Pinterest. At 5:55 a.m. She called. Isn't that special? I was already up, because Gracie beat her out by 35 minutes of getting me out of bed. It was time for breakfast. I am getting my hair colored next trip north as a Mother's Day belated present. So I scrolled a bit, found this, and attached it to a text. Didn't mention that I also wanted the thick, long hair to go with the color. Or the cool body. We shall see what I get.

It's one of those days. Deal with it. I do!

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