Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Random Thoughts

You want us to move? We don't think so!

Pot of petunias on my deck

I love these colors together

The other large pot has a dahlia plant
This past Sunday was warm from the start, so I decided to take the brats to the dog park earlier in the day. We walked around, had the park to ourselves for at least 20 minutes, and then they parked their furry butts in the shade. I got up from the bench and told them we were going to walk the perimeter again. Guess who was walking? By herself? Did you say "mom"? Then you are one smart reader.

I am at a place of not knowing what to do next with art. Having finished the Jane Davies class, I went back and completed some of the collages she had us do in lessons 2 and 3. Still kind of messing with those, not really taking them seriously, just playing with the processes we learned. I should get back into the art journal. I should finish the other two online classes I started, but they are "go at your own pace", an my pace of late has slowed down. Too much going on.

Stay tuned. Something will always pop up. Actually, I was thinking about painting 3 wood chairs I bought at a garage sale 4 years ago. Wild colors, bright, add a few stencils. Hmmmm.

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