Friday, June 2, 2017

Special Request

Wood plaque style frame from Michael's

Amos, the crafty dog
I made one of the in yellow tones to sell.
The original, which is now on my living room wall
The day before our sale a few weeks ago, Cathy was here. She pulled this out of the stack of items that had price tags and said "I wouldn't sell this. I would hang it in here." I told her I loved it, and was really hesitant to let it go. So I didn't. I make art because I like the process, but also because I love unique items that no one else has. By the end of the sale day, Cathy had requested one in tones to match her "Kelly Rae" wall in her family room. Kelly Rae art has a lot of magenta/pink/pale green tones, sometimes dark, but mostly in mid tones and values. So I came up with a four colors that I thought would work. We both love it. This measures 5 inches wide by 18 inches long. An unusual size, but works well for this style.

A lot of artists/crafters don't realize this, but online Michael's has a ton of products that are not available in the store. The coupons can still be used, and if you order $49 or more, shipping is free. Just thought I'd pass that along. The Avon store never has more than 2 of this wood plaque in stock. I went online with a 30% coupon off everything, and ordered 5. Had my order delivered within 3 days.

Have a great weekend.

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