Saturday, May 6, 2017

Random Thoughts

Just the collage pieces

With paint added

Yes! We have a story!!!

My right leg is under his head. His front legs are curled alongside my leg.
For the online Jane Davies class, you post your work and Jane will comment on the private class blog. She left a few comments on Lesson 3 for me, and one was the suggestion to create more/different white space, and to vary the sizes of my elements. So I did 2 more collages yesterday afternoon after "one of those" phone calls with family. I am amazed I didn't just tear up the paper, but I'm good. We're all good. Sigh. I know what I would do with these collages if I was working on my own. But the entire point of spending money and time with an artist of Jane Davies' caliber is to learn, listen to what she is saying, follow the path she wants us to tread.

I want to make marks, and circles, and lines, get the picture. I will wait.

Next up, Prima Rust Paste Paint. I had been reading blogs for months, seeing what others were doing with this product. It is 3 small jars of a texturized paint, in 3 different rusty type colors.  Finally, about 2 months ago after Klara told me to "just buy it", I ordered the set from Amazon. I love the fact that I have made new friends through art. But Klara, Tracie and I together? We are supply junkies. I admit it. I now know if I can't find a certain supply, all I have to do is drive to Ohio and one of them has it already. (Hi Klara! Hi Tracie!)

Back to this project. The shape is from a Seth Apter Spellbinder's steel die. I cut 3 from watercolor paper, then glued them one on top of the other with craft glue. I then opened all 3 jars of the rust paste, and started applying with a palette knife. It was not really easy, due to the grains of texture in the paint, so switched to a stiff bristle brush. That worked. I went from dark to light. When done, I was having a hard time touching up the white of the paper on the edges, so I added Golden Fluid Acrylic Red Oxide to the mix, and applied that to the edges, mixing in a little rust paste. This is not done. I had painted a 5x5 gallery side canvas with several gold colors earlier. Going to distress that canvas more before I glue down the shape, and add some type of element to the center. Not sure what yet. I remember thinking it was a rip-off that the jars of Prima paint were so small when the package arrived. NOW I know that this paint will last me a very long time. You use just a dab from each color. Goes a long way.

Jake, in his frenzy to beat his sister to the back door last night, about knocked me flat on my ass. I yelled at him. When they came back in, he was staying out of my way until I settled on the bed to read. This is his way to apologize when he knows I have been upset. Trap mom with my body. She has to love me.


  1. Love the post! You can always count on me to talk you into things... lol

    1. We are really good at talking each other in and out of stuff, are we not????