Sunday, May 7, 2017


This is now complete. My thanks to Klara. I had sent her a text message with a photo before the teal color was added. It was her suggestion to add bits of teal against the rust colors, and she was right. Just popped everything out.

The Prima Rusty Paste paint actually feels like rust when dry. I let this sit overnight to cure, and when I checked it, the texture was gritty, rough. The center decoration is an old Bo Bunny brad. For those of you who did scrap booking, you will remember the beautiful brads you could buy relatively cheap. They were usually sold in collections, so all of the colors coordinated. I still have a few left. Why I saved them, other than the fact I loved the look, no idea.

Have two more 5x5 canvases going now, but so need to trim shrubs. Also, Gracie and Jake have a dog park request. Jake did a little belly flopping in rain water yesterday. Yeah. He is pretty much a dried mess.

Thanks for stopping by.

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