Monday, May 8, 2017

Canvases 2

5x5 inch gallery canvas

close up of the grunge

The entire canvas, 5x5 inch
These smaller canvases are like popcorn or Jay's potato chips, you just can't stop at one. So much fun.

I used a Seth Apter Spellbinders steel die to cut the image for the first canvas. This is one of my favorites of all that he has done. Just love the design. I cut 3 layers of water color paper, then used craft glue to put them together one on top of the other. Let that sit for an hour or so before painting. Side note: when doing this, the water color paper absorbs the paint, so sometimes it is necessary for a 2nd coat.

The gears for the bottom canvas were cut with a Sizzix Big Die from Tim Holtz. It is one of my hobbies, supporting Tim Holtz. We just can't let him go hungry, can we? Seriously, I could open a Tim Holtz store. Anyway, I had the much smaller gear set and it is a royal pain to cut. Lots of little, tiny pieces that you punch out after cutting. Not fun. When I saw this Big Die, I grabbed it. Another find from Ohio. I left a lot of money in Ohio. You are welcome. Same concept, used 3 layers of water color paper. The small washers in the center of the gears was a lucky find at a flea market during Covered Bridge Festival last year.

Onward. SO much to do, just not enough energy or time to do it all.

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