Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I am nuts

One of the exercises in Creative Chaos class. I used Ink Intense sticks

Same exercise, using a variety of water soluble pencils and gesso

Jake this morning

Mom! I don't want to get up yet

Notice the paw resting on the pillow
Months ago I received a promotion via email on a new Dina Wakley class entitled Creative Chaos. Dina makes some riveting abstract art pieces, and this class was going to take us into that world, creating art from chaos. Oh, yeah.. ... I need that. Signed up and forgot about it. The class launched this past Monday. Thank goodness it is self paced, so no deadlines. I am still in the Jane Davies online class, with deadlines, for several more weeks. I think. Actually I don't know when that class ends.

I have two other downloaded classes sitting on the Mac, waiting for me. Yeah, get in line because today the free Natalie Kalbach class starts. That is the artist that does Creative Jumpstart every year, and I enjoyed those videos a bunch.

To prove that my dogs are indeed spoiled beyond belief, I give you Jake in the morning. He doesn't do this if it is warm, but if he gets cold or just wants to be really close to his mom, he makes a nest in 2 or 3 pillows to my right. His butt was up against my shoulder when Gracie woke us up this morning. Gracie sleeps on a queen size bed in the spare bedroom, all to herself. She only comes into my bedroom if it is scary (thunder, lightning, or fireworks), or if she thinks it is time for the entire household to get out of bed.

No wonder I am always tired.

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