Friday, May 5, 2017


4 collage pieces, no paint

2 collage pieces, no paint

2 collage pieces, no paint

Added 3 areas of paint, intensified the blue after printing

Added 3 areas of paint

Done, for the lesson. Some areas of paint received a 2nd coat

Done for the lesson

Done for the lesson
All of the above are from the 3rd online lesson with Jane Davies. This was interesting. She gave us just a few parameters, such as working in an 8x8 inch square. We were to leave some white space and let it become part of the collage, and you had to gel print paint over collage pieces you laid down. We could also add texture in the wet paint on the plate before making the print. I did that several times with a small foam stamp of thicker lines. In the left hand print directly above, I pressed hard into the paint in the magenta strip to the left of the collage. The same stamp was used in some of the blue paint, but is more subtle.

We post our work on a private blog. That also gives us access to the other students in class, and of course once I saw what others did, mine are crap. I don't think that attitude ever goes away, and what I have to do is just treat this as a learning experience. Take from the work of others what I like, remember it, and move forward. Exactly what we all do when watching videos of artists, or reading blogs. So depending on how my day goes, I will try a few more. Just because. But so far I am loving this process. Can't wait to see what Jane has done the path for us!

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