Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rain, Rain, go away already

So not done, and now the black stamping has been removed

Also not done, and not sure about the black marks

Jake, waiting his turn for a back massage

Gracie, wondering what Jake is doing behind her
We had a "get ready for the storm front" type of day yesterday. I had a rotten, whopper headache all day long, that seemed to intensify last night. So not a lot was done in the studio. What was done, I am not happy with. The first photo shows what I did in the morning. By 10am, I had removed most of the Archival Ink that I stamped with rubbing alcohol, then painted over the marks with the same paint. Even though I had glazed the piece with Golden black paint, it all will remove with alcohol.

The center designs on both frames are cut up gel prints I did Monday, and I really like them, just not sure they go with the frames right now. It could be the headache. Or, I might end up putting those pieces to the side and doing something else entirely.

I am always, always second guessing myself. There are very few works I do that I am completely satisfied with upon completion. I used to throw projects into the garbage if I hit this point. Now, I will do whatever I can to fix it. If it can't be fixed, then it gets pitched. These two are fixable, just maybe not today. Or not until we have continuous sunshine and my head calms down. I also have Lesson 3 to do in the Jane Davies class, and that may also have to wait.

Somebody want to do a sunshine dance? This crap is hanging around until Sunday. Could be worse. It could be snow!

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