Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Just what I needed

Gel print I did yesterday using what I learned in class

I just had to try out all my new Artfoamie stamps

Balzer Design stamp on top of gel printing

Top 2 are stamps, bottom a stencil from Stencilgirl


Explanation below - from Jane Davies class


Another gel print from Carolyn's techniques
Sometimes you just need a kick in the ass to get moving again, and this past weekend was my kick. Not that I haven't been working in the studio, just that I lacked a little motivation and enthusiasm. Carolyn's class did it for me. I was in that room 3 times yesterday, just playing.  It felt good.

The top Gel print is with a large Balzer Design that Tracie gave me. (Hi, Tracie!). She discovered she had duplicates, and brought 2 stencils to the hotel. Klara had gone down to shop (Hi, Klara!), so I got to choose first. LOVE that big circle design, and I know I will use it a lot.

One of the tricks I have picked up along the way is to keep a stack of tags on my table. I buy these online from Uline, in bulk. Bite the bullet and do this, because it is soooo much cheaper. The size I was just messing with last night is approximately 2.5 x 6? I think. Too lazy to get up and measure a tag. I bought 500 3 years ago, and still plowing through the box. They will curl due to being light weight, but are perfect for mopping up extra paint, trying new stencils and designs, and then pulling out later to doodle on, cut up, use as a title in your journals, whatever. I also use that size to make Christmas tags to sell in the fall. When I have cheap, black paint out, I will paint a stack all black to use with white paint and markers. Just because. That trick is from Julie Fei Fan Balzer's journaling class.

The two Gel plate pulls from the Jane Davies class: she had us try first putting down a layer of light color paint, then print over it with a stencil in dark. THEN reverse the order, using the same paint. I never would have tried the light green over the dark blue, but I find that print far more interesting than the first. We then cut up thread, I used baker's twine because I have a ton of it from crafting, and put that on the plate. You kept adding layers to the prints. I did 3 layers, and those prints are fun, but the ones I do love are above. The ghost prints of what was left on the Gel press after I removed the twine. Damn. I will be doing that a lot.

Thanks for stopping by. Going to try to get back into the studio today, but my backyard grass is knee high to a moose, so yeah, yard work. It it isn't too wet.

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