Monday, May 1, 2017

Dirty Little Secrets to Gel Printing

EDIT: I just found this on my hard drive. I R an idiot! Me, Carolyn Dube, Tracie and Klara.
Klara across the table, contemplating.

I am so bad, I don't know who did this print but I love it

Some of mine, learning the technique

Other student's work

Everyone busy at having fun

Other student's work. LOVE!

Other student's work. These make me so, so happy

Other student's work. Just wow!

Other student's work. Layers upon layers of color

Carolyn Dube talking. We love her.

Carolyn still talking, with a hand

Klara in the yellow, Tracie in the purple
Cleaning off the plate with Naples Yellow Hue instead of heavy body white.

Some of my best pulls.
I have a photo that a woman kindly took of Carolyn, Tracie, Klara, and myself on my phone. I have uploaded it to Dropbox, and saved it to my Verizon cloud. It doesn't want to cooperate and let me find it so I can upload it to Blogspot. One of those Mondays, folks.

So. This was my third Gel Plate printing class with Carolyn Dube. You would think we would run out of new ideas and techniques, but nope. No way. Carolyn just keeps surprising us. This, by far, was my favorite. Maybe I was just ready for something new, different, unique. But this hit my happy place, and I plan on spending at least an hour this afternoon in my studio playing with the Gel Press. We didn't have as many prints as previous classes, and that was fine. It was about letting the paint work in a different way. Getting dirty, as always. Why do I forever end up with paint up and down my arms?

Klara and I are in week 2 of an online Jane Davies gel plate class as well, and I have yet to do this week's lesson. Totally different, more basic, but this will lead us on a collage journey after this week. Carolyn said something yesterday that hit home: the gel press plate is like a brush, every artist will use it differently.

Can't wait to see what Ms. Dube comes up with next year!


  1. You were so much fun to have in class Linda! The look on your face for your favorite pull was priceless - and what am amazing one it was!! Can't wait to see what prints you make today! And yes, I most definitely talk with my hands lol!

    1. Thank You! Glad my happiness was apparent. BEST CLASS EVER!!! I have a feeling you will have Tracie, Klara and I with you for a long time.....

  2. Love this post about my favorite teacher and favorite art friends and favorite class! So thankful for meeting you all and for making my life more fun!

  3. You and Tracie are treasures!!!