Thursday, April 27, 2017

Random Thoughts

Trying to see if I can do a face in 15 minutes or less. Uh, no.

Hated what was underneath, so painted over it in dark blue
Another 15 minute deal and I could not get her lips right

Bitching to myself in the Junque Journal

Playing with new stencils while watching, once again, Season 5 of X-Files

My journal. My opinion

Well this didn't turn out at all

This, in it's simplicity, I love

Love those Gelly pens

Again, playing with stencils on tags
I have stacks of stuff to finish. Stacks. There are 4 cement stepping stones in the studio, two are done, two are not. Well, halfway. I have applied gesso to 3 5x5 inch canvases that I know what I want to do with, but just haven't got there yet. And then there is the stack of unfinished canvases. Sigh. So what am I doing? Packing for a 3 day trip to Artiscape in Dublin, OH. More classes. More stencils and gel plate and something new. I will be taking a class in beginning encaustic painting. Great way to find out if I really want to do this, because it is a major investment if you are going to do it right. Of course it is. My babies are going to the pet sitter, who they adore, but still. I haven't told them yet.
Jake will miss me. Gracie will ask Miss Sherry to adopt her. It's what they do.

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