Thursday, May 25, 2017


Large tag for the 4th of July

The start of a 6x9 inch collage

Start of a 8x10 collage
We are now in the last lesson of the Jane Davies class online. And I am still struggling. My problem is using the gel plate in a different manner than what I have done before. Old habits die hard. I am so used to printing an entire sheet of paper, then overlaying the entire sheet. In this lesson, Jane tells us to consider partial printing. It is effective and can be quite stunning in your work. So for the first time last night, I used other sheets of paper to mask off what I didn't want to print. Two collages immediately went into the waste basket after 3 pulls off the plate. I know, I know. Maybe they could have been salvaged. Or maybe they were just hot messes that needed to go bye-bye.

After the initial printing, we are to paint, add collage, add line work, whatever. But this is our starting point for every piece. Yeah, boy.

The tag: this is a heavier large tag, approximately 4 by 8 inches. I painted the red, white and blue stripes, then adhered some vintage looking Tim Holtz paper on the bottom. Used a Holtz number stamp for the "4" on the sideways smaller tag, cut the girl's photo down to size and matted with black card stock. Buttons, to me, represent old fashioned or a vintage look in crafts. So added a button to the ribbon at the top, and 3 across the bottom. The stars were punched from card stock. My plan is to make a few more this weekend and get them in the Etsy shop. This is my relief from working on the collages. Just saying....

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