Saturday, May 27, 2017


6x9 inch gel print with some Celadon paint added

Enhanced and more paint added, with the black collage pieces

Gel print with some touch-up done, but more to come
I have found I really, really enjoy working on paper. It sets you free, knowing that you aren't "ruining" a canvas. Although I have painted or collaged over many a canvas in my time. But there is just something about the paper, and how the paint spreads on it. Having fun.

I am also taking my time with this lesson, not rushing into anything. Yesterday I spent over an hour going back over Jane Davies's work. I watched several videos because it fascinates me how she reaches a completed project. Sitting on the sidelines, I would have stopped at 5 steps ago when she keeps painting over, lifting paint, making marks, covering those, etc. Everyone has their own method.

It is Memorial Day weekend. In Indiana that means it is Race weekend. But it would be nice if everyone just took a moment to remember those who have fallen for this country. A minute of silence and reverence. Perhaps it is my age, but boy do I get sick of hearing Memorial Day Mattress Sales! and Indy 500 NEWS! To those who served and never returned, I thank you for that service. Bless you.

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