Sunday, May 21, 2017

And so it goes

Back wall of the garage. Cathy does the yard hangings to the right

Some of my canvases on a grid

Mishmash of scrapbook mini albums, canvases, collages

Cathy paints these adorable landscape edgers

More yard hangings
Never trust Mother Nature. Never. We had to make our decision whether to hold the arts and crafts sale on Monday, because I teach classes at the rec center Monday through Thursday, and wanted to hand out flyers. "Clear" until "late in the day" the weather people said. They lied.

It was chilly, but the forecast was still for a high of 81. The rain started, with the temps at 60 or there about, by 10:30. The wind picked up, and within 15 minutes I had no choice but to lower the garage door. The storm was whipping around and came back at us from the east, which is the direction my house faces. Really? Water everywhere.

By "late in the day" when we had closed up and packed it all in, the sun was out, it was 80 and humid. Go figure.  Should anyone be interested in any of Cathy's yard hangings or painted edgers (the campers are so cute!), please contact me via email on the sidebar. I will put you in touch with her.

Because we had a lot of time to talk (no customers), we discussed selling online. I am expanding what is in my Etsy shop gradually. I will also be posting more photos on Instagram and Facebook, but under a new Facebook page called appropriately enough, GracieandJake. There are links in my Instagram profile to the Etsy shop and back to this blog.

I think, and so does Cathy, that you should do what makes you happiest. We are both happy creating odd little projects. Mine are completely different from hers, but people seem to like what we do. I did sell one of my newer abstracts yesterday, and that made my heart sing. So if I can sit at home and create, then place it on the internet to sell, that suits me. Neither of us want to pack all of this up and go to a craft show. Been there, done that. I was a lot younger, like 20 years younger. It is back breaking hard work, and just not possible today.

That's our story and we're sticking to it. Enjoy your day.

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