Thursday, May 18, 2017

Where did my week go?

12x12 cement paver on my work table, with my feet below. Just realized that. DUH!

2 more pavers

This was one of the collages from Lesson 4 that I just added more elements, and some black scribbles
I take all of my photos with my phone, and pay Dropbox annually to upload those photos automatically. That way I don't have to worry about where they are. Unfortunately, there is a problem. Dropbox, in the past 8 days or so, has slowed down to the point that photos are not uploading until much later. Not sure if it's my phone which is now 2 years old, or if my memory capacity on Dropbox is almost full. I take a ton of photographs. I apologize for missing more than a few days, but I really need to get this worked out. The other scenario is that the Mac desktop is 8 years old and very tired. I have never come close to filling the 640gig hard drive, but it is me.

This is what I did for the pavers: buy cement pavers in your choice of size and dimension. Clean them off, let dry completely, and pick a flat side to paint. I base coated each with a cheaper gesso to seal it. Then used whatever craft paint I had on hand. These were painted with Americana, the base coat allowed to dry, then put large stencils over it. I rolled the contrasting color onto the base with a foam brayer, the type of roller you would use on the walls for trim. Press down on the stencil so it does not move when doing this. Let all of the layers dry at least overnight, then sealed with a heavy coat of Mod Podge.

Will make great garden decorations that are unique, and you can say "I did that!" Enjoy yourselves.

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