Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Small Canvases

5x5 canvas panel

I had this idea to take the 5x5 flat canvas panels, which are not expensive, collage book pages on them, then add random paint with a saying. That went as planned until one day I grabbed a larger stencil that had circles with several perimeters, and stenciled red paint. BIG mistake. The red was too overwhelming, and the stencil detail was way too big for that small of a space. So, with nothing to lose, I divided them into quarters with a pencil and ruler, and started over. These I like, so they are done. The lesson learned is to use a stencil in perspective to the size of the canvas. Yeah, boy.

Getting ready to storm, so it's time to hold paws and tell them it will be okay. Jake doesn't care. Gracie gets nervous. Have a good one.

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