Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Random Thoughts

A completed 5x7 Junque Journal

The pages are all old scrapbook papers

Congo line at the dog park yesterday. Rogue, Jake, and Gracie
I decided to down size the junk journals, and make two smaller sizes. Not everyone wants a big journal, so we shall see how these go.

The rain held off yesterday, so we headed to the dog park around 2. My two were tired of being cooped up, and so needed to run. Unfortunately, they ran a lot. And Gracie is now in pain. I hate it when my dogs are not feeling good. She had a hard time jumping into the car to come home, and last night she wouldn't come up on the bed to watch tv. So I did what any good dog mom would do: I lifted her. My chunky Aussie weighs 46 pounds, and I'm not suppose to life more than 10. But she wanted to sleep on her bed in her room, and so she did.  I found two dog pain pills and anti-inflammatory meds in the cabinet this morning that I forgot we had. Left over from Jake's surgery, so I gave her one.

Hate, hate, hate it that my dogs are now seniors. And so totally understand what she is feeling, because this weather inflames my arthritis. Mom is in pain, too. It is what it is.

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