Thursday, March 30, 2017

Evolution of an Abstract Painting

base coats and basic outline

added some stenciling with black paint

again outlined the areas with a blackwing pencil

more paint, not happy, and left it last night

more layers, and this is where it stands today

close up

close up
This is the third project from the Jodi Ohl workshop. She stated on the video that most people would find this one the most difficult. Yep. Sure did, and didn't start it thinking that. But yeah, boy. I used all of the techniques she taught us with the first 2 projects, and then threw in some that I have picked up along the way. My problem, at this point, is that I don't know if it's done. I don't know if I have a clear focal point for the observer. I know what I think it is, but is it really? Does the eye move around the canvas, or stay stuck in one spot?

So, so glad I took this workshop. First of all, it makes you slow down. Don't be in a rush to finish, because you can't. It takes time for the layers to dry, time to build each layer. This last bit of paint took me an hour, and I didn't even realize I had been working that long.

Onward. Starting 3 more canvases. This could get pretty darn interesting!

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