Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Finished per the workshop. Uh huh. Was not happy

After sending the above photo to Klara, I added more paint

Close up of layers and texture

And more paint

2nd project from this workshop

Loving the glass beads medium

Loving the shift of colors and layers
So my biggest problem with these is, are they done? No, they are not. This is why it is best, for me personally, to close the door to the studio and walk away when I am this uncertain.

I kind of liked the first one with all the reds and oranges until I took a photo and sent it to Klara in Cleveland (Hi, Klara!). Then realized, as she also commented, that the orange/red was overwhelming. Just too, too, orange. So back to adding yellow ochre and some white with teal. This morning I am thinking it still needs some contrast, so I have a few things in mind. Then, I swear, that one will be done or in the garbage. Either way, I am moving on today.

The second one will have some subtle green shading added to take the starkness of the white out, so the green gold transition is softer. Another suggestion from Klara, and I so agree. What the hell did we do before excellent cameras on our phones, and text messages? The green canvas has molding paste, glass beads, and crackle medium placed over some heavy body white paint.
See the faint cracks in the green/gold paint? This is DecoArt crackle medium from the craft aisle. Couldn't find anything like this at Michael's from Liquitex or Golden, so went cheap. It takes quite a bit to get that effect, and you have to let it dry overnight. But I do like the small fissures. Very cool.

Ok. Back to work. The plan is to finish up these two projects, then try the third from the workshop. Thanks for stopping by.

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