Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Online Course

First layers of color

Added teal, white, pink

First white wash over the top of the horizon
I receive a daily email from Northlight Shop, or Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine. Sometimes it is just an article, but mostly it is promoting some video or book they have for sale. On Friday they were promoting Texture Techniques for Abstract Art, both the DVD and download video, from Jodi Ohl. I love her work, so after watching the promotion, I ordered it. I had to leave on Saturday for Evansville, IN. for a family gathering, so yeah, bad timing. Because all I could think about on the long drive was getting home to start on the projects. So much fun.

It's all about working in layers. You start with an Ampersand board, which I had never used, and black gesso. And Jodi is right when she says the black gesso instead of white adds a depth to the painting. This is something I will be doing more of. There is also random molding paste under the paint. Hardest part of painting like this is waiting for everything to dry before you can proceed. So in the future, I will be doing more than one so I can hop from painting to painting. It will be easier once we get some steady sun. Having a rain week. I had to stop yesterday because I used Liquitex Heavy body white paint on the top. It takes forever to dry, so it is NOT done.

I highly recommend this workshop. If you are interested, it is only $19.95. Go to Northlight Shop here, and search for the Texture Techniques or Jodi Ohl. This workshop has 3 different canvases to make, and is well worth your time. My mind is buzzing with what I want to try for texture in the next project.

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