Saturday, April 8, 2017

Here we go again

Old photo of Jake and Gracie, taken from above by my pet sitter. Can you tell she is probably holding food?

I have once again opened the online store on Etsy. Name of my shop? Gracieandjake. All one word. If you click on the gracieandjake icon below the listings in the right sidebar, it will take you to my Etsy shop. If you click on the ETSY icon, it will take you to Etsy in general.

To review, I was a rabid collector of Beatle publications. Have sold a ton of them over the past 3 years, but still have some stuff to get rid of. My thinking is this: if something happens to me, the kids will pitch all of this shit in the garbage. Better that I sell it, it goes to someone who really wants to add it to their collections, and I recoup the cost several times over. How old is this shit? Most of it is 53 years old. Yep.

At Cathy's urging, I have also put 2 of the 5x5 canvas panels on Etsy. We shall see how this goes. I don't want to list anything heavy or too large, because shipping can be prohibitive. But some smaller stuff, yeah, let's see if it flies.

Stay tuned. More to come.

More review: On Etsy I am gracieandjake.
                       On blogspot, I am scrappindogmom
                       On Pinterest, I am gracieandjake
                       On Instagram, I am lindac1118
There will be an art/craft show at my home, in the garage, in mid May. We will chose a date today, and I will publish it. Show hours will be from 10 to 3 on a Saturday only. For security reasons, we have decided NOT to allow anyone in the house, and encourage Gracie and Jake to bark on the other side of the garage door. That should do it!

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