Tuesday, April 18, 2017


close up of the right hand side

close up of the left hand side

8x8 inch wood frame

The center art work
I have learned so many techniques of late. My hope is that I don't forget them all, and use them repeatedly. One is using deli paper to impress wet paint on a canvas or art journal page. I did this recently after painting a journal page completely black. When it came time to choose something for the center of this frame, I moved the frame around one of the deli pieces, and settled on the above design. What you get depends on what elements are under the wet paint, and how hard you rub. Love the randomness.

The gears are Golden light molding paste thru a stencil. The odd metal pieces are washers and jewelry elements. The larger metal piece with "connective" is from my stash. I think it was a Basic Grey metal embellishment from way back. I painted it white, then affixed the typed word with gel medium. Tore off all the edges, let it dry, and added some Distress Ink in Rusty Hinge. All of the metal parts were glued down with E6000.  The black printed deli paper is on a piece of white water color paper.

When I get stuck on one aspect of art or crafts, I simply move on to something else. This happened with the faces from the Fabulous Faces class. It was time for a break from faces, and a return to grunge fit the bill. Thanks for stopping by.

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