Thursday, April 20, 2017

Gel Plate Printing

Columbine already blooming in front of the kitchen windows

Gel plate prints on white deli paper affixed to white card stock

Ditto the above caption

Brown (natural) color deli paper on white cardstock

stacks of printed deli papers waiting in line to become cards
There is a Birgit Koopsen video on YouTube about gel plate printing on deli paper, then tearing the deli paper up to make ATC's (artist trading cards) or greeting cards. Do you think I can find that particular video again, so I can link it? Of course not. It's me, folks. Any of her videos that you watch will teach you a ton of techniques.

So. The other day I sat and cut several deli sheets into 4 squares, then used the 6x6 inch plate to print. Then I stacked them up and promptly forgot about them. This is going to sound so weird, but last night I had a dream about making cards with these prints. So yeah, here I am this morning putting Golden Matte Medium on the backs of the deli pieces and laying them carefully on white cardstock. I also tried a few on cheap water color paper. It curled horribly. The card stock is staying flat. I have several pieces of card stock drying, and will show you the completed cards this weekend.

Or not. Again, it's me!!!

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