Friday, April 14, 2017

Art Journaling

From the FabulousFacesClass2017 - Ashli Oliver, instructor

The drawing on the eyebrows is something she does, so I tried it

Love this. Love the loose look of watercolor

Dylusions journal - abstract spread done with Dina Wakely paints

Dylusions journal - pattern spread with Martha Stewart paints

My handmade Junque Journal, from the Balzerdesigns class,

close up of the tags

Junque Journal, with cut tags affixed to the page with washi tape

Journaling under the tags

Junque Journal. To the left a clean up paper from a class in Ohio last year

How I talk to myself. In the journal. Or to the dogs. Whatever works
The Fabulous Faces Class with Ashli Oliver is a great class. She explains absolutely everything she is doing, and none of it is in fast motion, all in real time. Here is the deal: I can't draw faces that look different. Or, I am unable to do that in this moment in time. Just corrected myself. I tell people in my exercise classes that the word "can't" is banned. Sets up a negative connotation in the brain.

Due to the weather getting warmer, taking the Jodi Ohl abstract class online, or getting ready for the May sale, I stepped away from art journaling for 13 days. That was a big mistake. I truly believe what all of the artists tell us: if you want to become proficient at something, practice, practice, practice. And instill the movement so it is a habit.

So a few notes: that face was done with watercolors and acrylic white paint. I added some pen work with my old Scarlet Lime black pen. Am I happy with it? No. But I will try again. All of the bright colors you see in the lettering and on some of the tags were done with Gel Roll pens from Sakura. These are not cheap, but yeah, baby, the color you get. You have to allow them a few minutes to set and dry or they can smudge, but love what you can do. So far the colors have not faded, staying bright, popping off the pages. They are just fun.

The smaller tags that have repeating black patterns? An idea I stole from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. She uses her hand carved stamps to repeat patterns. I have tried to carve some stamps and it didn't go well. So I  pulled out some old cling stamps from various companies and used those. Works, and gives you a base for other ideas.

One new habit I hope continues is to journal at night sitting up in bed. This is after various belly rubs, paw massages, ear rubs, and whatever body parts my two demanding housemates want touched. Some nights they are tired and leave me alone immediately. Not often. Why is it that dogs resent anything you are doing that doesn't involve them? My spoiled babies. Wouldn't have it any other way.

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