Monday, March 6, 2017

Mixed Media Canvases

All lined up

6x6 inch gallery canvas

5x5 inch gallery canvas

3x3 inch gallery canvas

The set
I had the stack of the above canvases plus the 6x6 inch from yesterday's post sitting on a shelf for a few weeks. Got distracted with journals and stuff. Then realized how fast time is flying by this year. Is it me? Cathy and I have every intention of doing an open house for art, crafts, and jewelry at my home the first Saturday of May. That means that I can't delay or say I'm not in the mood to make something. Stuff has to get done. Now. Yesterday was one of those days.

Considering I had already applied the base papers, these went very fast. All I did yesterday was add paint, splatters, and additional papers with some words. Some were stamped, some typed out on the computer, and the Faith, Hope and Charity set were done with ancient Making Memories rub-ons. What a fantastic product that was/is. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I tell you the rub-ons are at least 15 years old, yet still perform exactly as they should. I do seal them with a little gel medium.

I have two long, wood frames that are partially completed on the table. The plan is for them to be assemblages, one with numbers, one with an old paint brush. When I'm not sure about how to proceed, or don't like what I have done at this point, I let them sit out and think about it. Eventually something will come to me.

But. I do want to talk about Instagram. This app on my phone has turned into one of my most useful tools ever. I have posted pics of projects that I thought were just okay, not terrific, but passable. And those that were not my favorites get the most likes and sometimes the best comments. I so need that type of feedback. Keeps me going.

Have a great day. Create something!

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