Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Junque Journal double spread

Loving the Gel pens

Have you tried this?
The junque journal spread was originally Bo Bunny scrap book papers. I used a combination of Dina Wakley's heavy body paint, and some Martha Stewart paint with a little gesso mixed in. I do let the pages dry for several hours after I base coat. Not sure if it's due to the humid weather, or the paper itself, but they are taking longer to dry. No water is added, nor is the brush dipped in water to begin because that will curl the papers. Starting with a dry brush keeps the paint heavy.

I purchased a few Pilot Multiball Uniball pens in black, both fine and medium width last November after reading a post on Julie Balzer's blog. This pen will write over paint, ink, tape, whatever you have in your journal. I do recommend them, and the best place to purchase is online from Jet Pens. This is the pen I am using to outline my lettering. The color within the letters are all Sakura Gel pens, and they are also fantastic. Word of caution: the Pilot pen can be wiped off within 6 hours of application, which is a good thing if you make a mistake. It is also bad if you accidentally rub against it, so proceed with caution. So far I have not removed it by accident. The Sakura pens also stay "juicy" for a time, so they need to cure as well.

I wanted to try a new recipe from an online food blog, skinnytaste.com. I needed some marina sauce, and that is not something I keep on hand anymore, due to eating healthier than I used to. Prego now has this reduced calorie sauce, with zero grams of fat. It is really good. Had it last night. I couldn't tell the difference between this sauce and the type I used to buy with fat grams.

Have a great day, and stay dry.

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