Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Oh, Baby!

Moose to the left, me, Ruby to the right

Look closely. Moose is kissing Ruby

My face looks like crap, but look at the puppy faces. OMG!

Snuggle bunny

OH, yeah, I finished this yesterday
Yesterday afternoon I worked in the studio for several hours. Realized it was time to go pick up Frick and Frack from the Playground, so took off. I was in a great mood. The sun was peaking out and the day had warmed up to 54. Spring is in the air.

When I walked into Puppy Playground, Corrine said "You can't leave". I probably looked at her blankly, but she added that Miranda was on her way in with the two Australian Shepherd puppies she is fostering, and she wanted me to see them. Gracie, my very own Aussie, is one of the favorites at the Playground. She hugs and kisses everyone on greeting them, and when she leaves. Do I get hugs and kisses? Hell, no. But everyone at the Playground does. My little social butterfly.....

I waited about 10 minutes, but it was so worth it. Look at those babies! Moose weighs more than Ruby, being the male. His paws indicate that he will be a big Aussie, probably around 55 pounds. Moose has a long tail, Ruby, like Gracie, was born without one. They are both beyond adorable. For reference purposes only, (HA!), I give you Gracie at a young age.
I do love my dogs. Enjoy.
PS: I will post more about the assemblage tomorrow. Finishing up another few today.

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