Friday, February 24, 2017


From the Creative Jumpstart online class

The black lines and circles are actually cut out paper, an overlay in a journal

Collage and watercolor in another journal. He is overwhelmed.
I have been art journaling a lot. It satisfies my need to create something when I'm not in the mood to start or finish a project. And trust me, there are half finished projects all over the studio.

The face drawing represents how I feel about Trump. And that is the end of my political statement. It was done with watercolors first, then I collaged antique book pieces of paper, and some Tim Holtz tissue papers around the drawing, water color on top of that. By the way, this is the cheap set of 24 colors from Artist Loft at Michael's. I think normal price is $5.99 or $6.99. If you want to get into trying water color, and it is a lot of fun, I highly recommend starting with this cheap set. I sit in front of the television to do this, layering color on top of color. It dries super fast, and so you just swish your brush in water to clean it, and move on.  Another advantage to this set is the flesh tones are already there. Granted it is NOT the most vivid color, but convenient and, to me, excellent for water coloring in my journal. This is the Visual Artist journal from Strathmore.

The vivid colored abstract in the first photo was done in a Dylusions journal with Dina Wakley heavy body paints. Love those. I am doing a few of these as practice, and will eventually do a large canvas for my hallway.

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