Monday, January 23, 2017

Hot Mess

Yes. There is a story

And another story

The dam at Avon Town Hall Park on Saturday. Rain much?

Another shot. Not the best composition. I was holding onto dog leashes while taking this.
I took an online class with Seth Apter on collage. Part of that class he teaches you how he makes his background papers for his collages. Mr. Apter recommends that you use canvas paper. I happened to have a pad of that on hand, because I happen to have a pad of just about every type of paper on hand. It's me. I live a mile away from Michael's, JoAnn's, and Hobby Lobby. Deal with it.

I cut the large canvas paper in half, giving me 2 pieces 8x12 or so. Not getting up to measure it. I'm sorry. No, wait, not sorry. It's early, my back does not function for 2 hours on damp days, so there is that. I then applied a light coat of black gesso to each piece, one side only. Let that dry. Mr. Apter used Chalk paint, because it dries fast and he sells it on his website. I bought cheaper Chalk paint with coupons at Michael's, but only 4 colors because that shit dries out fast in the bottle. Yeah, don't stock up on this particular mixed media supply. It has to be used fairly fast.

Process: you apply random bits of paint to one paper only, then quickly pick it up and lay it face down on the other piece of paper that has the black gesso on it. Press really well. You are monoprinting without using a Gel plate or press. Some of the effects are super, some are hot messes. I sat in the living room with the dogs on Saturday afternoon, constantly checking Twitter on March updates, and watching old movies on television and did this. Over and over. Finally reached a point that I didn't really like either piece. So used a large number stencil to stencil over the backgrounds. The top photo I used one of Dylusion's teals, one coat. Like that. The second photo I used Dirty Martini paint, and hated it. So after it dried, I lined up the same stencil and went over the green with another, darker teal.

I have zero ideas on what to do with these, because they sure don't fit into the original project they were intended for. But that is the beauty of mixed media. They will find a home eventually.

Registration for Artiscape starts today. The website is: Dates are April 27th to April 30th. This is the link .

Enjoy your day. And please, don't accept any Alternative Facts.....

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