Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday, oh Friday. At last

Working on some large tags again

The start of a project from Creative Jumpstart 2017. It didn't go well. Stay tuned.
I have been working on bits and pieces, back and forth from art journaling to tags, to wondering what the hell I'm doing. But I wanted to pass along some information in case anyone is interested.

Rae Missigman is an artist that I admire. She is starting a free challenge on Sunday, January 15th to make marks everyday for 30 days. It is in the hope this will instill the habit. I am going to play along, and will share some of it here. To visit her blog, go here.

Creative Jumpstart 2017 has been very interesting, and I'm glad I signed up. It's 30 days of inspiration, videos, interviews, and just plan good information. I may not like every style represented, but you can always learn something. We registered early at a discount, so mentioning this now for next year. I will definitely do it again.

Artscape in Dublin, OH will be April 27th to April 30th. I attended this on the Friday last year for a class with Carolyn Dube. They don't have the classes or the instructors listed on their website yet, but I will post that when it is available. On Friday evening, there is a marketplace that you have to purchase a ticket to attend. Filled with mixed media type vendors, you can buy ephemera (vintage letters and envelopes, books, ribbons, etc.), stencils, stamps, Gel Press plates, all types of neat supplies. A great place to connect with like minded individuals. (Hi, Klara and Tracy!!!)

That's all I got. We have an ice storm moving in later today. I am hitting Michael's this morning in case there is something I need (laughing as I type this), and will hunker down with the dogs to play while the ice collects.

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