Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Random Thoughts

The long living room wall above the couch. I wasn't happy with this arrangement.

As of yesterday, adding the very top piece and rearranging. THIS makes me happy.

One more large tag added to the metal gate

Gracie, supervising. Actually, wanting her ears massaged.
I can't stand bare walls in my house. To me, and this is entirely my opinion, what you put up on the walls helps define your home. It makes a house a home, adds character, color, textures. Last winter, I did an arrangement on the opposite living room wall with the big yellow clock, and a few other pieces. I wanted to expand that across the wall and above the television cabinet. I did. It looked like crap.

So it all came down, and I rearranged 3 walls. I also collect art work in poster form, reproductions, from the places I have visited. That all was removed from above the couch, and now hangs opposite. Why am I telling you this? My blog. No, seriously, I realized yesterday that all of the classes I take online for creating art, for using colors in complimentary patterns has translated to how I view what is on my walls. And that now the walls are one giant canvas.

I am in so much trouble.....

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