Saturday, January 14, 2017


From a Balzer stencil, cheap craft paint

Why yes, there is a story

I just love how this turned out. So random.

The caption states "She sells Mary Kay". I apologize if you do.

Watercolor drawing from a photo in Vanity Fair

Another water color/Neocolor II drawing from an ad
I'm glad I have so many craft/art type interests, because if I become bored with one, I just move on to another. Expensive, but fun. Lately I am once again obsessed with faces. The last two I did last night within 2 hours. Not happy with the flowers around the long haired girl, but it is what it is. I just have a horrible time with flowers.

The double page spread using a Balzer stencil was a mishap. I used too much black Dylusions paint, which is quite thick, to stencil on the right.  When I lifted the stencil, I realized what I had done. Grabbed the spray bottle, gave the stencil a quick spritz or two of water, then laid in down on the opposite page. Yeah. Love, love, love that technique.

The dogs and I will be in all weekend due to an ice storm, so after cleaning and laundry, back to the studio. Stay safe.

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