Friday, December 30, 2016

Random Thoughts

Cardboard art journal from a free class online

10 x 10 class from Donna Downey

16 x 24 canvas currently for sale

Quote mini chipboard album that sold
If you look on the side bar, I have added  a link to Julie Fei-Fen Balzer's blog. Today she has a recap of some of the top posts of 2016. One of my favorites is "Why do I art journal?".

So. Why do you? Or, perhaps a better question, are you working in an art journal? I am, and as time goes by, it is more and more every day, every week. Why?

1. stress reduction. If I am pissed off at family (be honest, you have been there), or Washington, D.C., or the world in general, I start slapping paint on pages. In former years I would take the dogs for a long walk, but my joint problems no longer allow that. Just 10 minutes in the studio room can make a difference.

2. Practice. Donna Downey has said this more than once, that Inspiration Wednesday has helped her try products, ideas, techniques that later transferred to a canvas. Yeah, boy! So very true. And by me taking her Inspiration Wednesday classes, I have forced myself to try something new many, many times. Some stuff you hate, or dislike, or think it's ugly. But then there are those moments where you're alone in the room, and the skies open up, angels sing, and you sit back amazed with yourself. I am by no means professional. I do art to do it. It's my hobby. But damn, when a project falls into place, your mood goes through the roof.

3. Discovery. What I have discovered in an art journal has been transferred to a canvas. See above. The large 16x24 that is half collage? Yeah, that idea came from journaling. I have 3 canvases hanging over my bed that came from an art journal. There are a set of 3 6x12 canvases for sale at The Artisan Marketplace in Plainfield, IN. that came from messing around with Dylusions paint. For me, creativity is spurred by creativity. Ya gotta do it. That mini chipboard album above? Totally from an art journal. I am now making those in different forms and loving it.

4. Recycle junk. Yep. The first photo of the cardboard album was from Carolyn Dube's free online class , Permission to Play. I have done several more cardboard journals because they are fun and basically free. If you search for junk journals, or mail journals on YouTube, you will find artists that have done the same thing, except the journals are bound with sewing. I taught myself the Copic stitch in a Dina Wakely class. Tricky at first, then you get it down and fly. Gather different papers, fold them in half, punch some holes, and watch a video on how to bind by hand. I just ordered the waxed thread that most videos recommend from Donna Downey's store. Could not find it at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby.

5. Pick a word for the year. Use it in your journal. My word for 2016 was FEARLESS. I keep going back and forth for 2017, but I think it's CHALLENGE. On so many levels. It will be a challenge to keep my mouth shut in this land of Republicans. But I also plan on challenging any propaganda, hypocrisy, lies, slurs, discrimination that our leaders (really???) spout. Yep. Challenge.

Have a good one.

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