Monday, November 14, 2016

The Sun is Shining

Work in progress
I think, and this is totally my opinion, that we all needed a week to just breathe. And let our feelings swirl around in our heads, bodies. Because now that the dust is settling, I am seeing so much positive energy emerging on the internet. Love, love, love this.

A friend in Chicago has joined a grassroots organization to be watch dogs for Lake Michigan, and the environment in general. YES!

Friends and a few relatives from all over the nation have stated that injustice will not go unnoticed, that they will step up to defend human rights. YES!

And this is curious: on Facebook a dear cousin who is very, very right wing Republican is complaining about the lack of freedom of speech. She is in Florida. I told her, on Facebook, we have not lost our freedom to speak whatever is on our minds, and just do it. She is afraid. Odd. I was terrified to speak my mind right after the election. Now? Yeah, move it. Here I come.

So the above mish mash of collage and paint is really in progress. I started blocking in some color yesterday morning, didn't like it at all, and wiped it off with a baby wipe. However, some of the color remained. (damn fine quality of Golden fluid acrylics!!) The photos are cut up from a 1953 high school yearbook I found at a flea market in October. This has started to veer away from my original intent, so now it sits until I decide what direction I want to take this. Back to looking at works on Pinterest. But I am working on my art every day. It helps me to relax and think.

What is helping you?

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