Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Front of snow lady

close up of her basket

close up of her wreath and skates

Side view, wanted you to see the hat
Isn't this adorable? This snow lady went to a friend's house last night as a combined birthday and Christmas present. Yeah, I know it was really early, but I wanted her to enjoy it for the entire season.

This doll is handmade by a woman who lives in Eugene, IN. That would be Linda Wilson, the owner of The Gingerbread Shed. I have been a customer of Linda's since 1989, the year my husband and I retired from Crete IL. to Kingman, IN. It is about a 10 mile drive to the west from Kingman to Eugene, and I know none of you have any idea of where I am talking about. Central Indiana, 45 miles north of Terre Haute, almost to the Indiana/Illinois line. But when you live in the country, 10 miles is absolutely nothing. It's "a run", as in "I'm taking a run to the store. Want anything?"

Should you ever find yourself in that part of the country, please try and find The Gingerbread Shed. It is a wonderful place to wander, loaded with all types of primitives, collectibles, linens, garden decorations, you name it. Floor to ceiling, and out the door, weather permitting.

It makes my heart happy to visit The Shed. Peace.

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