Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The internet can be amazing, wonderful, full of great informative blogs and videos. It can also be a place for hate and bigotry to be spewed forth. Never has this been more evident than in the past week, since all of the American Nazis, hatemongers, abusers and oppressors have come crawling out from under their rocks.

There is now a growing movement called #artistsforlove. Anyone can post one of their creations with this hashtag on Instagram. I plan on doing something within the next few days. The above are examples from Alisa Burke's blog, used with permission by her and the artists that created the works. Each one posted is available for download. Seth Apter also posted an eloquent response to the hate on his blog, 

This warms my heart. Because now, more than ever, more than the 9/11 bombings, this country needs to pull upwards, together. And leave the haters behind.

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