Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What to do, what to do

Sample of some of my prints from Saturday

Few more

The card I made for my granddaughter's birthday with a portion of one print
The last demo at the Extreme Gelli printing class involved what to do with all of the prints that we make. Because once you haul out the gel plate and start, it is hard to stop. Carolyn gave us several ideas. I have tried making a bag, and it turned out kind of wonky. I know why, just haven't gone back to it yet.

I did this card in class, using a square punch and just half of one of my prints. And this is important: you don't realize how many different shapes and colors exist in one print until you start to cut it up, or tear it, to use in a project. What I love about this is that the colors are complimentary, yet each little square is distinctive. I didn't much care of the print when it was whole, but cut up? OH, yeah!

I see some prints in blue and white, red and green in my future for Christmas cards. I have a ton of Christmas stamps for the front. More to come, folks.

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