Monday, September 19, 2016

The Dog Park

Jake, testing the water

What? Is there a problem, mom?

I will only get my paws wet, and nothing else. I am a girl.

His face is wet because he scoops water up with his nose.

Running in the water is fun...

Max, the Newfoundland, settling down into the water to cool off.

Ben, Max's brother, joins him.

Oh, yeah! Rolling is good!.

Why yes, I do have to get back in the car. Your point?
We are fortunate to have a really nice dog park in Avon, IN. We pay for an annual pass, and the park is maintained the best they can do it with limited funds. Grass is mowed every week, fence is repaired if the wind damages it. There is no running water or bathroom facilities, so we all haul water in for the dogs to fill the various bowls we have all purchased. You are completely responsible for your dog(s). The vast majority of us have two dogs.

When there is a fast, heavy rain, water will fill the shallow areas along the south fence. Jake is basically a water dog. He loves to play in shallow water. Gracie not so much. She is an Aussie, and they have rules. Obsessive, compulsive rules. Ben is a border collie/lab/some kind of hound mix that Carol rescued, and Max is a rescue Newfoundland. Newfies are also water dogs. What I didn't capture in photos was Max running up and back through the water, splashing like a puppy, with Ben chasing him. At one point, Gracie was in the mix until her brain registered that she was really getting wet. She then trotted away. It was great exercise, and they were all very happy. I didn't mind because they are getting a bath anyway for their annual vet visit.

Have a great day. Smile.

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