Sunday, September 18, 2016

Extreme Gelli Printing

The perfectly clean classroom, before class started

Tools for mark making

More tools

My ATC card handmade by the wonderful Glenda Miles, our hostess

Carolyn starting the first demo. Table is clean.

Carolyn. Still clean

More of the demo

One of Carolyn's pulls from the demo

Didn't take long, did it?

A classic "OOPS" from Miss Carolyn

I really need a cake spinner

Student work. Love, love, love this!

More student work

THIS is what every table looked like by 3p.m.

We all had prints everywhere

The second room where we could lay our work out to dry

Looking back towards the classroom

Klara and Carolyn having an "Can I do that?" moment


Carolyn's sample of gelli print collage strips

Klara sewing!

I drove to Middletown, OH on Friday to take an all day Gelli Plate Printing class, called Extreme Gelli Printing, at the Pendleton Art Center. Our instructor was Carolyn Dube. You can visit with Carolyn at her website here. A wonderful artist by the name of Glenda Miles set this up at the Art Center. I want to go back. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Middletown, please stop in and see her work. Loved it. Collage, vintage, just loved it.

We were warned (told) to wear aprons, and I did. Not one drop of paint on my apron, but holy crap, I was still scubbing my arms and hands last night. I was a mess, but then again, so was everyone else. It was a blast. Learned so many different techniques, ideas for printing. And what to do with some of those prints when completed.

YouTube offers tons of videos on printing, and I have watched several. But there is nothing, absolutely nothing like taking a class in person with someone who makes it fun, tells you to try anything as long as it's legal, and it is okay to get messy. In fact, it is a requirement. It is also motivating to visit with other women who "get it". We are obsessed with art supplies, and trying new techniques. I walked away with a lot of ideas and inspiration.

I shared my table with two lovely ladies: Klara and Tracy. We are now all friends on Facebook. There is something special about networking from an experience like this.

Thank you, Carolyn and Glenda. I had a great time. Hope to do it again.


  1. Linda you summed up our day of play so wonderfully! And there is a great big oops at least once everyday lol! Thank you making the drive and sharing your creative spirit with us all!

    1. I would do it again, so please let us know when you are doing something in the area. Nothing like a live class!