Thursday, September 15, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

Dega, who at one point had 2 pools. What a guy!

Jake in the water, Gracie looking at him like he is crazy.

Oh, yeah!
I haven't done a throwback Thursday in awhile. The garden photos are from my last trip to Chicago Botanical Gardens in 2012. I think it was August, which is the wrong time to go to the gardens. It was hot. If I remember correctly, it was 98 and we ended up staying for an hour. At 10a.m. Left the gardens, and went to an air conditioned mall to shop.

The dog photos are from a pool party at Dega's backyard. Dega has yet to meet a body of water, any size, that he doesn't love. Jake is also a fan of getting his paws and belly wet. Gracie not so much. Aussies are not water dogs, and Gracie is a Princess after all. She wants to be camera ready at all times.

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