Thursday, September 22, 2016

Random thoughts

Jake at the vet's office. Gracie is under a table, hiding.

The 13 year old Sycamore tree that was in my front yard

Sycamore tree is history, this is a Red Sunset Maple

Ever have one of those days? Or weeks? While I was in Middletown, OH. on Friday, a storm ripped through this area and split the big Sycamore tree that was in my front yard. Snapped that sucker in half. Facebook can be wonderful, and I belong to some local groups to keep in touch with news for the area. I posted that I had firewood for free, and got a reply from a gentleman that he would help me. I did pay him, but it was still cheaper than a tree service, and Mike and his brother, Dave, did a fantastic job of cutting it all down and hauling every single branch and leaf away.

The yard suddenly looked very bare and sunny. Even though I have other trees, it is a long front yard, so I went to Lowe's and picked out a Red Maple to plant. The sign said the trees were on sale for 10% off the marked price. The price tag stated the tree was $39.95. When I went to school, 10% off would be $3.99. Subtract the smaller amount from the larger, and the total due would be $35.96. I also purchased a bag of tree and shrub soil, for $6.98. The woman at the register told me the amount due was $52.96. I said no, the tree was on sale, and tax is only 7%. So she deleted that sale and started over.. And I waited. And I waited. The woman with the flatbed came up with the huge bag of soil, and the tree. She was going to help me put this in my car. And we waited. Finally, I turned to her and said if this was a problem, perhaps someone else could help me. No. No problem, she was just figuring this out. She rang up the sale again, and charged me $42 for everything. Including tax. I knew this was wrong, because I went to school in the 1950's and 1960's, but I was also not wanting to take up residency at Lowe's, so I swiped my card and took the deal. Blows the mind, doesn't it?

Cathy and I are attending another class this Sunday at Palette and Paper, and very cool scrapbook/mixed media store in Indianapolis. This is with Dina Wakely, who is a designer for Ranger products. What we need to bring for class is the last photo above. Note that we need a water container to clean our brushes. Also note we don't have to bring brushes. Kind of assumed. Never, ever assume with a mixed media class, folks. I am packing the studio!

Have a great day, or at least a better one.

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