Sunday, September 11, 2016


Sunflowers growing wild at the dog park

I don't handle stupid well. Or ignorance. And today I encountered both at the dog park. People that are uninformed, under-educated, and missing the DNA for common sense should not own dogs. This is my opinion. I realize that these same people also have children. Enough said.

Most of the time I can walk away, muttering to myself, perhaps swearing under my breath. But this woman, who doesn't seem to understand that dogs do indeed bark at a dog park, keep pushing my buttons. So I stated a fact: you nor your dog were bit. It was only barking. But she couldn't stop, and went on to say that our dogs (there were four total) were an "aggressive pack", and should not be allowed in public.

I walked away, with my dogs following me, to the other end of the park. She left. But then she backed up, took a photograph of my car, and photographs of those of us in the park with our dogs. And she sat there, in the parking lot, with the sun obviously flashing off her phone that she held up out the car window.

I waved at her. Vigorously. Then I gave her the Chicago salute. South side style.

Cathy will bail me out.

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