Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Art Journaling

Woman with finger stuck in light socket. Why, yes, there is a story

"Sunday morning coming down"

Turned the journal sideways

September 11th spread
I have 7 art journals. Only one of them is completely full. Two more are mostly full, and one is halfway but due to the content from Inspiration Wednesday (Donna Downey) in 2015, I can't close it. Nor open it flat. So it's basically done. I will pick up whichever journal is handy, or the cover catches my eye, whatever. I do date each spread I complete. If there is no date on it, that means I have full intention of returning to that page and adding more. Lately, I have been adding more to old pages.

The light socket lady was an experiment in techniques. I do this kind of shit to torture myself. Keep thinking that some day, at some point, I will finally get a woman's face that I have created that I actually like. Probably not, but the hope is eternal.  The September 11th spread was done completely with stencils. I used acrylic paint and a brayer to apply the background, then markers to fill in the woman's head.

I do tend to work when feeling down, depressed, or angry. Hence the bright colors. The "despair" pages were after a series of phone calls with family. It was either work in the art journal, or chew nails and spit out carpet tacks.

Art journal won.

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